Emerge, Designs by Jen- Shines in the World of Wearable Macrame

Mar 23 2017
I’ve been a fan of (mainly vintage) macrame for awhile now. It wasn’t until I recently discovered Jennifer Walsh’s macrame necklaces, that I had a better appreciation of the craft. Jennifer designs under her brand- Emerge, and not only creates wearable macrame art, but also skirts, and other earrings that are crafted from leather and such.

Like myself, Jennifer has seen her fair share of not fitting into society. She grew up as an outcast, and feeling as though she was never heard or seen. That belief led her to start creating, which helped to process her feelings and get her energy out.

After high school, she realized that she no longer cared about other people thought; even into her 20s and 30s, she’d make her own clothing or shop a thrift stores and re-make clothing she had found. She just wanted to try to be heard, but without having to say a word.

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