The Jen



The Jen earrings are fun, funky, larger than life earrings for the girl who, perhaps, wants her accessories to be visible from Google Satellite. These earrings boast 2 layers of giant, hand-cut leather feathers with fringe and/or chain. This pair is made with a beautiful, metallic crackle turquoise, and a metallic, pebbled turquoise leather feather. They are finished with metallic turquoise fringe and bronze chain. The pair shown is the extra-extra-large. The feathers alone, from hook to tip, measure 5.5″, with the fringe adding at least an additional 2″. They are available in 2 other sizes as well…the large, with a feather measurement of 4.5″; and the extra-large, with a feather measurement of 5″.



Large, X-Large, XX-Large

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