The Joyce



The Joyce fringe “dusters” are for those of you perhaps wanting something “dainty,” without sacrficing length. Seven inches of perfectly hand-cut leather strips are hung on a teeny little hand-crafted hoops, then cut by hand, AGAIN, to get the most fringe possible into such a small space. The effect is one stunning pair of earrings. This pair is made with an absolutley gorgeous metallic, hot pink leather on copper hoops. They are finished with hypo-allergenic, surgical steel ear hooks, with copper accents.  The “Joyce” earrings measure approximately 7″ in length, but are available in other sizes as well…the “Mandy,” measuring 6″, the “Marci” measuring 7.5″, and the “Kira,” which measure 11″. You can find pictures of examples of the additional size options in some of our other listings.


The Mandy (small, 6"), The Joyce (Duster, 7"), The Marci (large, 7.5"), The Kira (foot long, 11")

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