I grew up a very shy, insecure little girl. I never quite fit in. Anywhere. I had a hard time feeling comfortable in my own skin or feeling like I was good at anything. The only thing I WAS good at was making things. I started making my own clothes and jewelry at a young age, realizing I could express myself through what I created and could find my voice through what I wore. Fashion gave me an outlet to tell the world who I was without having to say a word. However, it was always very personal. I never really considered making things for other people. But people would ask. All the time. And I would say no. Because…ACK!

It wasn’t until a few years ago that I thought…what if I stopped saying no? What if I just said yes? And “Emerge” was born. My sole intention was to put myself out there and start to “come out of my shell,” embracing, owning, celebrating who I was created to be. I approach my business from a personal level. I don’t think about “What will sell,” but rather “What would I love to wear? What would make me smile when I look in the mirror? What would make me feel beautiful?” And I go from there.

Friends, I KNOW that clothing and accessories can’t MAKE you feel a certain way. But, my goal, my hope, my desire is that maybe when you put on a piece I’ve made you, it allows you to tap into the beauty that’s already there. And that, maybe, when you take it off, you still feel it.

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