When I first found out about Jen from Emerge and her famous skirts, I had coincidentally been dreaming of a photo shoot with my super cute baby boy for Mother’s Day and me wearing an incredibly bright, big, different, feminine and out of the ordinary type of skirt to wear for my shoot. I mentioned this to my best friend, and I have no idea how it was that she found her! She sent me a screen shot of Jen in one of her epic creations and I immediately became obsessed. When I read about the secret pockets, I suddenly felt like my heart had been hit straight on with a love arrow! I knew I had to have a skirt, or two, or three! OK, fine! Maybe 4! I now have a beautiful collection of incredible work, that fits like a dream, made just for me! These skirts make me feel like the most beautiful princess, like I can conquer the world and whatever I set my mind to do, they make me feel girly, motherly, empowering, classy, dainty and classy! Incredible how just one skirt can do that to you! And let’s not forget about all the earrings she makes! My favorites are the leaves! Anything with leaves! I have a collection of those as well! Honestly! Anything she touches she turns it into something magical! I think that is the word for Emerge…she CREATES SIMPLY MAGIC!
Candice Seneca Customer

I stumbled across Jen’s shop a couple years ago on Instagram and absolutely fell in love with her skirts, jewelry, and her as a person. I remember her waiting list for skirts was closed, because there was already a year wait. Obviously it made me want one even more!!! Now I own two, each of which I know Jen poured so much time, energy, and love into, and they were so worth the wait. Okay now about her jewelry, let’s just say I own ALOT, like an insane amount, and I’m so not done. I always need MORE. She’s constantly coming out with new styles, and I need EVERYTHING. Anyhow long story long, you get what you pay for and her pieces are worth every penny. She’s an incredible woman with the biggest heart and best customer service skills you’ll ever find. She’s a freaking rockstar and I’m grateful to call her a friend.

Kira Tuiaki Customer

Jen doesn’t just make stuff. She makes pieces of art that you can wear. When one puts on one of her handmade skirts its like getting transformed into a princess or the Queen that you are on the inside. The attention she pays to detail is like no other piece of clothing I have ever worn. AND THE POCKETS. The pockets of her skirts are personal to you AND they can fit ALL of the things. I almost feel like words are not enough to describe the magic you will receive when you wear something she makes. The earrings, the necklaces, the skirts… they are made by hand by someone who loves you just because you are you. It’s like she wants you to feel fabulous. And you will.

Big earrings. Big necklaces. Messy Hair. Don’t care. Buy the skirt. #magic.

Victoria Munoz Customer

Jen’s skirts are like nothing I’ve ever seen before – her fresh and modern patterns breathe new life into the classic ball skirt and her craftsmanship is EXTRAORDINARY! I mean who else would pick the perfect
pocket lining fabric to match the personality of each one of her devotees? When I launched my own fabric collection, I couldn’t wait for her to create something magical with one of my designs. The final result
is glorious beyond my wildest imagination and something I will treasure forever.

Schuyler Samperton Customer/Fabric Designer

Where do I even start? First of all Jen makes the most AMAZING earrings you’ll ever see, let alone be lucky enough  to wear. If you want to feel like a goddess, order yourself a pair or two . . . or three. Her creativity is next level amazing and hands down you won’t be disappointed. Lastly she is the KINDEST, sweetest, most sincere soul you’ll get to meet in this life. Not only do I enjoy working with her creatively but I truly love her as a person which makes it all the better to work with her!

Ashly Collins Customer

Working with Jen is like a dream come true, or a local gal’s Cinderella story. Long before I got to have a skirt I admired her work and how strongly her clients felt about her was evident in their posts. I did the weird social media “you don’t know me but” reach out. Jen couldn’t have been more humble and kind. She was clear it would take awhile for me to pop up on her waiting list and it was a nice surprise to hear from her just before my birthday. I had wanted to do best friend skirts and surprise my friend for awhile. Her husband was on board and helped with measurements. Picking out the fabric was the hardest part only because I wanted to make like 7 skirts. Jen didn’t seem to mind my 100 questions and indecision. When my skirt was unveiled on Instagram with personalized pockets (crystals) it was reiterated how much love and care this woman puts into her work. I’m an instant gratification kinda gal and I have gladly waited for a number of jewelry items and a new skirt since because I know the time, thought, and quality that go into these things now. I just met with Jen to prep my second skirt and we had so much fun playing with ideas.

If you want a skirt go to the mall, if you want an experience that is timeless and gives you art to wear for years to come, contact Emerge. It’s beyond worth the wait 🙂

Crystle Horner Customer
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Jen is an incredible artist and designer, but what’s even more outstanding is how amazing of a human she is.  I had never had a custom item of clothing created for me before, so I needed all the encouragement, patience, and confidence Jen was happy to give!  Her attention to detail, fit, and even punctuality ensured such a quality skirt that was done on time.  I’ve now treated myself and many friends to fabulous earrings she’s made, a necklace, and even a super fun earring making class.  Whatever she’s makin, I’m wearin! Everyday.

Juli Burdette Customer
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