Well, that’s not really a question, that’s a statement. But, how much time do you have? Haha.

I don’t. I love making each piece completely to each individual woman’s size and liking. There’s just something so special about having something specifically made just for you.

I will be making small amounts of spots for customs available at a time. Due to the high demand, and in an effort to be as fair as possible, we will be choosing people for those spots through a lottery system. Each time spots are about to be available, customers will have the opportunity to purchase lottery tickets for $5 each. The lottery tickets will be made available, here, on the website, over a specified 48 hour period. You will be allowed to purchase as few or as many as you like. Your order number becomes your “lottery” number and will be enetered into a drawing. We will draw the names in a live video on our IG page, @em_erge. The winners will be notified immediately.

It will vary, depending on what else we having going on, but, our plan is to release spots quarterly.

There are 2 general types of skirts I make. The “Classic” skirt, with which I use African Wax Print cotton fabric. As a whole, this type of fabric has a thicker weight and slightly waxy finish, which is part of what gives my skirts their shape, fullness, and structure.

I also just added another option called the “Desert Goddess” skirt. This is a much flowier skirt, using a linen/rayon blend fabric that I hand dye.

YES! In pictures, I usually am wearing a crinoline underneath. My skirts are very full on their own, but, the crinolines are what helps give them that “ball gown” look. I don’t attach anything to the skirt itself because I want you to be able to wear it in daily life. And while it’s REALLY fun to have them THAT poofy, it’s not always practical. But, I love to give you the option as to how full you wear it.

Once you secure your spot, I will send you pictures of all the amazing options.


In regards to the Classic Skirts…because I cycle through fabric fairly quickly, we send the choices once you have secured a spot. What I have now may not be what I have 3 months from now. I find it works better to not get stuck on HAVING to have a certain fabric, but, being openminded to what options may be available at the time.

For the Desert Goddess Skirts, you won’t see the fabric before the skirt is made. Yes, you read that right. Each skirt is hand dyed and will vary peice to piece. You, of course, can request certain colors be used, but you won’t see the final result until the skirt is finished. Takes a bit of faith on your part. But we promise…it’s worth it!

With each release, my goal is to have them all made within a 3 month period. But, often, much sooner. Once I start a skirt, I have it made and in the mail within the week. Any time a customer is hoping for her skirt for a special occasion, or, by a certain date, I definately take that into consideration and will do my best to accomodate.

Absolutely! I can make any size! That’s the best part of it all being custom. Every skirt is made to each woman’s measurements.

I charge a $75 non-refundable deposit, which will go towards the cost of the skirt. It will be forfeited if, for any reason, you decide after the fact to not move forward.

The generally range from $220-550, depending on the style.

Again, that is something that will vary, depending on what else we have going on at the time. It may be as few as 4-6 or as many as 10-15.

Well, because I’m the only one making everything. Every single piece I personally make myself. That takes time. And, I make everything one at a time. I don’t do any “production.” I take a lot of pride in the quality of my work. And quality takes time. Also, as you may know, that at one point I was booked out for a year. I’m trying to not have that happen again. And this way, if you miss snagging a spot one month, you’ll have a new chance again the next month!

If your name is drawn from the lottery, we will send you an invoice immediately for the $75 deposit. You will have 24 for hours to make payment, or your spot will be forfeited and a new name will be chosen. Once the invoice is paid, we will begin the consultation process. That includes walking you through how to take your measurements, helping you choose the style best suited to you, fabric selection, and getting to know you for your “secret surprise” pockets. (Check out my IG page if you have no idea what I’m talking about!)

I do! I have them in multiple lengths and poofiness. They are $40-60.

99% of the time, I do. Occasionally, if someone has a fabric they want to use, then I just charge labor.

Not always. Because I work with a small vendor and I buy in small amounts, once a fabric is gone, we may never find it again. But I always will have other beautiful options.

You are more than welcome to search for it and send it to me if you find it. Then, as I mentioned before, I just charge labor.

I sure do. Shipping charges will vary.

Again . . . that’s not a question. *Wink* But I’m excited too! And I really appreciate your patience with my process. I look forward to hopefully working with you one day!

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